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Centre on Climate Change and Adaptation

Climate change is becoming increasingly important on global, national and regional scales. In addition to the most probable climatic changes and their impacts, options for mitigation and adaptation measures are of great concern.

Against this background, the Centre on Climate Change and Adaptation was founded in October 2008. It is integrated into the Hessian State Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HLNUG).

The centre's main objective is to observe, document, assess and communicate climate change and its various present and future impacts in Hesse. In order to reduce adverse effects and damages, adaptation measures have to be drawn up – at times, these can convey synergies or positive aspects. In order to provide the required knowledge on the appropriate scale, the centre assigns research projects with a regional focus on Hesse. Building up a comprehensive network and transferring knowledge to relevant stakeholders are vital components for successful implementation of adaptation measures and are therefore a major task in the centre's portfolio.

Comprehensive information on climate change is available on the German website.
It provides information on observed and projected climate change as well as on the impacts of climate change on different sectors in Hesse. The site also comprises lists of the above mentioned research projects (finished and running), final project reports can be downloaded (in German). Conferences and events organised by the Centre on Climate Change and Adaptation are documented.

Information brochures are available in English:


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