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Research projects

Since 2009, the Centre on Climate Change and Adaptation has been initiating a large number of research projects focusing on climate change, its impacts and possible adaptation measures in Hesse. The projects address questions of meteorology and climate, agriculture and forestry, water, nature and landscape, soil as well as human health. The common aim of all projects is to gain information on climate change and its impacts for the different sectors in Hesse and, by focusing on applicability, to obtain results that can be incorporated into Hessian adaptation activities.

A project to be particularly highlighted in the sector of meteorology is ReKliEs-De: The global climate simulations of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (2013/2014) were calculated in increased resolution for Germany. The project was initiated by the federal states of Germany in order to provide policy consultancy with robust information on the possible range and extreme values of future climate development. It was executed by six climate research institutions, was coordinated by the HLNUG and ended in December 2017.

Previous projects dealing with climate change and impacts in Hesse that were already conducted since 2004 by the HLNUG within the Integrated Climate Protection Programme Hesse 2012 (Integriertes Klimaschutzprogramm Hessen, INKLIM 2012) of the Hessian Environmental Ministry are also listed under the above-mentioned sectors.

One further core area of the Centre on Climate Change and Adaptation are human settlements: The projects termed “climate change in practice” (KLIMPRAX: Klimawandel in der Praxis) assess climatic changes that are of specific relevance for settlement areas. The broad outlines of these projects aim at developing adaptation recommendations that directly support communities in their spatial planning processes.

On the following pages you will find finished and running projects in the different sectors. English abstracts and final reports in German are made available soon after project completion.
•    Meteorology and Climate
•    Agriculture and Forestry
•    Water
•    Nature and Landscape
•    Soil
•    Human health
•    Settlement areas