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Research projects: Settlement areas

„Climate Change in Practice: Urban Climate Wiesbaden/Mainz“:
Klimawandel in der Praxis (KLIMPRAX) Stadtklima (Wiesbaden/Mainz)

The project focusses on temperature-related impacts of climate change in municipalities and consequent effects on municipal planning activities. By means of this project, municipalities shall be capacitated to profoundly deal with urban climate issues and to take these into account more strongly in planning processes and in the administrative weighing of different interests.

„Climate Change in Practice: Heavy Rainfall“
Klimawandel in der Praxis (KLIMPRAX) Starkregen

The project addresses the impacts of heavy rainfall events on municipalities, specifically focusing on the threats posed by urban flash floods. It aims to generate a “Heavy precipitation hazard map” for the state of Hesse, based on a comprehensive risk analysis of Hessian municipalities. Additionally, the hazard map accounts for further parameters such as inclination, risk of erosion and of landslides.