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Information on the ESA

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Milestones in the ESA-development

  • 1990  Commissioning of the construction
  • 1994  First stack emission proficiency test dust
  • 1999  Accreditation according to DIN EN 45001 (testing laboratory)
  • 2000  First stack emission proficiency test gas
  • 2002  Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025 (testing laboratory)
  • 2004  Accreditation according to ISO-Guide 43 (proficiency testing)
  • 2011  Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17043 (proficiency testing)
  • 2013  Doubling of the number of participants for proficiency tests by setting up an additional sampling room
  • 2014  Reorganisation of procedures, dust and gas proficiency tests are now offered within one week
  • 2015  First stack emission proficiency test odour
  • 2018  Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17034 (reference material producer)
  • 2020  Addition of a system for humidifying the gas stream

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Structure of the apparatus

HLNUG has been operating an emission simulation apparatus (ESA) unique in Europe since 1990. The ESA is a factory chimney simulator with a total length of 110 m and extends over all 7 floors of the HLNUG building in Kassel. The "exhaust gas" is generated by sucking in ambient air and pumping it through the system. This air is heated, humidified and mixed with small but precisely dosed amounts of pollutants.


Proficiency tests

Quality assurance in the field of emission measurements at industrial plants is an important contribution to the protection of health and the environment. In particular, participation in stack emission proficiency tests, in which measuring institutes can test their competence in the determination of pollutant concentrations in exhaust gases, ensures a high standard in the quantification of harmful emissions into the environment.

Since 1994, HLNUG has been conducting at its ESA stack emission proficiency tests for particulate substances, since 1999 proficiency tests for gaseous substances and since 2015 odour stack emission proficiency tests. These proficiency tests include concentration determinations of dusts containing heavy metals, gases (such as SO2 and NOx), various organic solvents, formaldehyde, as well as odours.

Regular participation in such proficiency tests is legally required for (according to §29b BImSchG) authorised measuring bodies (41st BImSchV). This authorisation, in turn, is a prerequisite for legally binding control measurements on industrial plants in Germany.

More Information on HLNUG's proficiency test programmes.  


Other applications

Apart from ist use in HLNUG's stack emission proficiency tests, the ESA can also be used for training purposes in the field of emission measurements. 

Furthermore, the ESA can be rented for tests and validation programmes of new measurement procedures and emission measurement devices.

Another possible use for the ESA is in scientific research programmes in the field of stack emission measurements.

If you are interested in using our facility, please contact us


Sampling ports

The flue duct is equipped with several G3 and G2 sampling ports, all with internal thread (see pictures below). All ports conform to standard ISO 228. The inner diameter of the duct is 40 cm.